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What "green" really means 

In recent years, being "green" has become a popular trend in advertising from all sectors of business. Many are new adopters selecting popular buzzwords for a new marketing campaign. However, Barber & Barber stands in sharp contrast to the greenwashing cliche. The foundation of our business has been built upon the principles of being green. 

But what does "green" really mean?

Green means environmental stewardship

Of course, environmental responsibility and conservation are of the foremost importance. Just like you, we want the planet and all its inhabiting species to thrive and still be around when our kids and grandkids take over running the Earth.

Yet as important as environmental stewardship is, the definition does not, and cannot, end here.

Green means profitability

We believe that profitability is the essential component to effective environmental stewardship. Yes, we all want to save the planet, but let's be honest here; financial gain is the primary driver in our world.  If we really want to make our planet thrive, we need to make our pocketbooks thrive too.

For this reason, all of our products and services are designed to improve your profitability.

Green means growth

Ever called a brown lawn "healthy"? No? Well of course not, because to be healthy the lawn must be green and growing, and if it's not green and growing, it's dying.  Likewise, we realize that for your company to really succeed, it must grow.  Your revenue must grow, your profits must grow, and your influence must grow.

We at Barber and Barber truly desire for the grass on your side of the fence to be greener than anywhere else, because we get the simple fact that the only way for our company to succeed is for your company to succeed.

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